About Us

Peramoon is an international multibrand online retail shop for jewelry, home décor, and luxury watches located in Bangalore. Started in 2018 from India, we offer high-end fashion jewelry with precious gold-coated jewelry, diamond-studded luxury Swiss-made wristwatches, and natural crystals jewelry with value for money. At present, the products we offer on our site are from three esteemed global brands namely ZarSam, MonteArci, and David Mors.

In ZarSam jewelry range, we offer gold-coated premium jewelry which is of minimalist design whereas in ZarSam home décor range, we offer Premium Home décor including gold coated wall frame, table top gold coated flowers, statues, clocks & accessories which are unique & expressive. MonteArci is a brand deals with Jewelleries that is known for high precision diamond crystals and semi-precious gemstone products which has high value for money. David Mors is a premium Swiss made wrist watches with high-quality diamond-studded and modular designs.

At Peramoon, the designs of our products are taken care with parameters like excellent artistic value, aesthetic elegance and inspired by all works of life that are considered as valuable asset. Our team has an unpretentious interest and expertise in the jewelry and luxury goods sector.

At Peramoon, we believe that our business is far beyond just selling the product to customer, instead we believe adding different shades of beautiful colors to their life. Our key aim is to make our customers life beautiful by giving them ecstatic experiences through our products. Through our work, we meet customers' needs and this makes our job significant and valuable.